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Epicurean & Wine

One of the most interesting ways we can connect with the world is through food. Taste your way through private kitchens, restaurants, wineries and local marketplaces from around the globe by designing your own unique culinary travel experience.  Whether it’s cooking alongside a celebrated chef or learning about traditions in food and wine, most will agree some of our fondest memories are created around great meals and interesting people!  At Travel by design, our insider knowledge and international network allow us to create unforgettable travel feasts. Some ideas to whet your appetite:

  • Celebrate rustic Italian cuisine during the autumn harvest in Monterchi for the “Festival of Polenta.”  Imagine village streets lined with copper cauldrons over open fires, the hearty aromas the city’s traditional comfort food, festive music, and the finest Italian wine. Travel tip: don’t forget to bring a bowl!
  • Like wine, tequila has a culture of its own. Travel to Mexico and learn the history of tequila from an agave sommelier, and experience the art of tequila and food pairing.  In Mexico you will enjoy one of the richest and most diverse cuisines of the world.
  • Journey to Darjeeling. Experience this mystical mountain region where the finest tea in the world is grown.  Today only 86 Darjeeling tea gardens exist. You will visit the most exclusive of these estates and learn how this distinctive tea is produced, processed and blended.