Meet Tammy Zacks-Our Founder

Tammy ZacksWe all wonder at some point in our lives how did I get here. I often laugh when I think about my childhood , when I traveled the world with my adventurous parents and my three siblings.  My father, a restaurateur, really had one thing on his mind-great food.  So we traveled the world in search of exotic dining experiences.  Today we call this style of travel “experiential;” however, back then my father considered these trips as part of our education, as we hopped from one continent to another, dining with locals in their cultural establishments.  Whether we were in the Middle East, Asia or Europe, we sampled unusual dishes with amazing people often wondering what was on our plates!  I am convinced these adventures led me to this amazing journey, Travel by design.

Travel by design is much more then a travel company; it is a concept.  Our style of travel brings authentic experiences and connects you to the true essence of a place and it’s people.

I have had a wonderful 15 year career designing corporate travel events.  I have established solid relationships within the travel industry around the globe.  My work has allowed me to see the most unique destinations, hotel properties, culinary establishments and cultural institutions in the world.  Today my goal is to handcraft dream journeys for my clients, a roster of sophisticated, accomplished and enthusiastic world travelers who share a passion for freedom, exploration and discovery. Through Travel by design I bring you the gems that stand out from the rest.